Wing Attack Plan R PKG

-c --compile --build --make
  build or do whatever make exists
-i --install
  install a built package
-f --fetch --get --download
  fetch sources
-d --delete --erase --remove
  remove an installed package
-u --upgrade --update
  upgrade an installed package
-b --backup
  backup an installed package
-s --set --settings
  view or change PKG settings
-q --query --search --find
  see if a package exists and is available
-v --verify --check
  verify that an installed package is installed and in good shape
  will perform MD5 check if a file manifest with MD5s is available
-g --gather --dependencies
  download all dependencies, unpack (offers a prompt before build/install
-r --refresh
  refresh list of available packages
-v --view --info
  show all information available on installed packages
-h --halp --help --usage
  show usage/help text

Wing Attack Plan R System Installer

The system installer is actually really simple. It will offer the ability to select from available disks, partition those disks, format those disks, and mount them. Once mounted, it will copy base to the target and thereafter run through a series of config scripts. There is only one option for boot loader installation. That one option is to use efibootmgr to create an EFI entry on the system's UEFI installation. This is automatically handled by the installer & bootloader script.

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