The Wing Attack Plan R Software Distribution (WAPRSD) is a Linux distribution. It uses a source based packagement system, a minimalist init, and is otherwise not too surprising.

All code that is original to WAPRSD is writtin in Ada, BASIC, C, Ruby, or Bash as the individual project member sees fit. All code that originates with WAPRSD is licensed under the Absurd License.

As much as possible, we try to keep things rather uncomplicated and rather well documented

The name of this software distribution originates in the film "Dr. Strangelove". It was the name of a plan that ultimately ended the world.

The reason for calling this a software distribution instead of Linux or GNU/Linux is really rather simple. First, we are not wedded to the idea of being a Linux distribution forever. We may change to BSD or some other kernel as time progresses. Second, GNU is only one part of the system, specifically the CoreUtils package and the compiler tool chain. While these are critical parts of the system, so is: init, PKG, linux-utils, elfutils, efibootmgr, and tons of other software. Jamming all of those into the name is stupid. As such, we are the Wing Attack Plan R Software Distribution.

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